It's no surprise that I am a fiend for florals. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have discovered that fact many, many moons ago. I'm the kind of person that will halt, mid-stride and mid-conversation to lean over a fence and take a photo of a complete stranger's hydrangea bush*. A beautiful bouquet of fleurs can elevate just about any mood although I must admit that my favourite reason for receiving a picturesque little posy will always be, "just because". Online florist Fresh Flowers have been the perfect avenue for fulfilling my floral fantasies, delivering anything from a a rainbow of natives through to a box of Valentine's Day flowers with just a few simple clicks. Give me a week or two and my house will resemble a florist in no time at all. 
*This has well and truly happened before, I kid you not.

Images by Harry Peppitt


Surreal is being hired by Sass & Bide to capture behind the scenes imagery for their AW15 collection, The Dance of Fibonacci. Surreal is having the Sass & Bide team then choose a few of those images to use in the campaign. Surreal is having one of those chosen pictures printed in the shopfront windows. Surreal is then discovering those pictures whilst overseas in New Zealand, just as you stroll past the retail store. Needless to say, working with the team on their AW15 campaign (featuring Langley Fox and Aussie stunner Matilda Dodds), was absolutely mind blowing. For as long as I can remember, the brand has always produced such covetable collections with intricate beading and embellishments like nothing you've ever see before. This year, they've certainly delivered, yet again. Head on over to Sass & Bide to see more of the BTS & campaign imagery and get your hot little hands on the collection itself. Added bonus: here's a pic of me being an ecstatic idiot outside the Sass & Bide NZ store. 

Imagery by Nicole Cooper



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As promised, I present to you part two of Coops' Calendar 2015! I'm sure you'd all agree that Pirelli ain't got nothing on me rolling around in the sand like a freak. A huge thanks to Helen for putting up with my weirdness and also to XXXX Island for providing the killer scenery and an amazing time. Below is a little highlights video, enjoy mis amigos! ADIOS AND THANKS FOR THE TACOS!


 photo _MG_1522_zps84eaab91.jpg photo _MG_1666_zps10a50a04.jpg photo _MG_0736_zpsb62e4e5f.jpg photo _MG_1131_zpsd35bde03.jpg photo _MG_1049_zps9143dd64.jpg
Hey there my good lookin' peeps, welcome to 2015! To celebrate, I wanted share something amazingly stupid with you all. Enter, Coops' Calendar 2015 - Part I. I shot this bad boy late last year whilst staying on the ridiculously stunning XXXX Island as a guest of my old mate Helen Lee. The Island is located on the southern Great Barrier Reef, a short boat ride off the coast of Yeppoon and boasts some of the most breathtaking views I've ever laid eyes upon (particularly from the loo with a view. Yes, that is indeed a toilet. On a cliff). I spent four days with Helen, Kimmi & Sophia, snorkelling, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, fishing, drinking beer, shucking oysters and getting really, really blokey. To be honest with you, I loved every minute of it. Stay tuned for Coops' Calendar 2015 - Part II, I'll be posting the final six months along with a highlights video of our stay on the Island shortly. Adios mis amigos!



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Images taken by Helen Lee
As promised, I have even more Wang goodness for you! For my second look, I paired the jacquard-knit crop with the jacquard-knit skirt and my old-school (slash rather beaten up) Alexander Wang boots. If you haven't been following news of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection from day dot then you may have skipped over the fact that Rihanna kinda stole my look. In all fairness, I really don't blame her. For me, this crop and skirt combo was a real stand-out within the collection. I'm also secretly loving the fact that I have the word 'WANG' printed across my back and my buttocks. Real mature, I know. For those of you wanting to get your hot little hands on these insane pieces and more, they'll be launching in Sydney's Macquarie Centre and Melbourne's GPO stores on the 6th of November 2014 (LESS THAN TWO DAYS TIME) from 7:00AM onwards. Maybe grab a pair of Wang socks for me too while you're there, yeah?  


 photo _MG_9942_zps4105f20f.jpg photo _MG_9909_zpsdf07d677.jpg photo _MG_0041_zpsc1768d96.jpg photo _MG_0087_zps723ba344.jpg
Images taken by Helen Lee
My homies! I know it's been a while and I know you've probably missed me a little (I missed y'all too), but I'm back and my guns are a blazin'. In celebration of my return, I teamed up with H&M to bring you two of my favourite outfits from the seriously hyped Alexander Wang x H&M collection, launching in Australia on the 6th of November 2014. For part one, I teamed the black scuba dress with the ultra minimal leather mules and of course topped it off the highly coveted 'WANG' beanie. As you may have noticed in the past, I'm a real sucker for a good LBD and this bad boy is no exception. With an RRP of just AU$89.95, it's a farshun gurl's dream come true. I'll be posting the second look shortly but in the meantime, feel free to drool over the full collection right here.


Sundays are for sleeping in, getting brunch with friends (sometimes whilst rather hungover), heading to the markets, picking fresh blooms, reading books in the sunshine and cooking up delicious feasts as the sun goes down. Despite the fact that Winter is well and truly upon us, I stepped out on a lazy Sunday morning in a crop top and midi skirt set from boohoo.com. Call me crazy but it was so darn great feeling the sun on my skin and until the temperature drops below 15 degrees celsius, you'll find me rocking similar weather inappropriate outfits. Yes, I am insane and nope, I do not mind it. 


So guess what doofus scheduled their Day Five post but forgot to actually publish it? This one. You'll have to forgive my lack of brain function, I've had a rather hectic couple of weeks with work, life and all of that fun shiz. For the final day of MBFWA 2014 I wore my H&M wide-brimmed hat, ASOS crop, ASOS leather jacket, Nasty Gal skirt and Yvonne Koné boots. I'd also like it to be known that I lasted a solid 17  hours straight in those boots with rarely a complaint. For someone that doesn't usually wear heels, I'd say that's quite a feat, no? I also have a few little snaps for your viewing pleasure from the early  hours of the morning, backstage at Alice McCall. I'd love to say that I had a few more for y'all but sadly our time there was rather limited. Alright, I'm off to sleep the next few weeks away. PEACE OUT, SCOUTS. 

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