Sundays are for sleeping in, getting brunch with friends (sometimes whilst rather hungover), heading to the markets, picking fresh blooms, reading books in the sunshine and cooking up delicious feasts as the sun goes down. Despite the fact that Winter is well and truly upon us, I stepped out on a lazy Sunday morning in a crop top and midi skirt set from Call me crazy but it was so darn great feeling the sun on my skin and until the temperature drops below 15 degrees celsius, you'll find me rocking similar weather inappropriate outfits. Yes, I am insane and nope, I do not mind it. 


So guess what doofus scheduled their Day Five post but forgot to actually publish it? This one. You'll have to forgive my lack of brain function, I've had a rather hectic couple of weeks with work, life and all of that fun shiz. For the final day of MBFWA 2014 I wore my H&M wide-brimmed hat, ASOS crop, ASOS leather jacket, Nasty Gal skirt and Yvonne Koné boots. I'd also like it to be known that I lasted a solid 17  hours straight in those boots with rarely a complaint. For someone that doesn't usually wear heels, I'd say that's quite a feat, no? I also have a few little snaps for your viewing pleasure from the early  hours of the morning, backstage at Alice McCall. I'd love to say that I had a few more for y'all but sadly our time there was rather limited. Alright, I'm off to sleep the next few weeks away. PEACE OUT, SCOUTS. 


Today, for the first time in a very long time, I dressed up like a lady. My outfit consisted of an ASOS hat, Ray Ban aviators, Alice In The Eve crop, ASOS midi skirt, ASOS jacket and Nasty Gal heels (totes 50% off right now, bargain). I'm not quite sure if baring my midriff falls into the 'ladylike' category but I'm going to say that the flouncy skirt made up for it. Unfortunately the only backstage content I managed to shoot was at Emma Mulholland and as the area was quite packed, we were only given a few minutes to capture content. Therefore, I sadly have no backstage or runway imagery to share with you today (apologies, y'all!), so instead I'll leave you with a street style picture I managed to grab of the über adorable Ella Murphy, wearing Soot The Label.


Today will go down in history as the day I voluntarily wore colour. Pink, to be exact. As I'm sure you've already assumed, I've gotten to the stage where dressing myself in the morning is no longer an activity that I put thought into. In fact, I grabbed the first jacket hanging at the end of my clothes rack and was pleasantly surprised at the 80's school dance vibe it gave off. Long live the prom queen. If you feel the urge to dress similarly, I was wearing my H&M wide-brimmed hat, Miu Miu sunglasses, Nasty Gal blazer, Akin by Ginger and Smart dress, Louise Jean Jewellery choker, Benah bag and my trust Yvonne Kone boots. Another pleasant surprise from today was found backstage at Maticevski, where models dashed off the runway with florals arrangements dripping from their lips. To say that the show was breathtaking would actually be an understatement.


Greetings from the end of Day Two at MBFWA. My exhaustion levels are slowly rising and my ability to construct a full sentence is slowly deteriorating. Despite the hectic-ness (that's definitely a word, look it up), I managed to get a quick snap of today's #OOTD, featuring a pair of Miu Miu Sunglasses thanks to the #SGHRunway pop up, my new Bec & Bridge dress (similar here), ASOS leather jacket, my Benah bag and Alexander Wang boots. I also managed to head backstage to Bec & Bridge right before the show, where I frothed on the gold eyes and the mesh details. Tomorrow (Tuesday) starts off with a bang at Ginger & Smart followed by the likes of Michael Lo Sordo and Maticevski, so stay tuned for more drool-worthy imagery throughout the week.


Welcome to Day One of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, also affectionately referred to as FAHSHURN WEAHK. For the next five days, I will be (attempting) to blog and upload imagery of my #OOTD and any shows that I manage to attend. As today only consisted of the one show, Carla Zampatti (pictured below), I decided to keep it semi-casual in my new H&M wide-brimmed hat, a Paint It Red fluffy pink top, a Staple The Label leather skirt and my trusty Yvonne Kone boots. Tomorrow's proceedings are set to be a little bit more hectic with labels like Kahlo, Desert Designs, Bec & Bridge and Karla Spetic all set to walk the runway. Stay tuned for more content in the next 24 hours but until then, adios mis amigos!


 photo Flower-Crown-Nicole-Cooper-01_zpsf79375bd.jpg  photo Flower-Crown-Nicole-Cooper-04_zps8fa12ef9.jpg photo Flower-Crown-Nicole-Cooper-02_zps334b785e.jpg
What I'm wearing: Dress by Lover, Choker by Louise Jean Jewellery, Flower Crown by Elena Chamberlain
My incredibly talented friend/floral designer, Elena Chamberlain, recently crafted a crown for me using nothing but my favourite blooms in my favourite shades. If you follow my Instagram, you'll be well aware of the fact that I have a serious obsession with flowers. I am like a legit, hardcore fan of the things - so when Ellie turned up on my doorstep holding a wreath filled with pale dahlias and freesias, I kind of lost my mind. I immediately put it on and requested that she help me document the headpiece. You know, as you do. #standardfashunblogger. Be sure to check out her Instagram for more drool-worthy pics of her stunning arrangements.


Images by Helen Lee.

Listen up closely kids, because I'm about to give you two pieces of sage advice that will change your life, forever. One: never get a double scoop of gelato on a searing hot day and two: always, always wear a hat and sunscreen when outdoors. Trust me, I've learnt from both experiences and I can say with confidence that being left with sticky hands and an aching sunburn doesn't exactly qualify as a raging good time. On top of that, it's just a massive waste of ice cream. In all seriousness though, skin cancer is nothing to even consider joking about, especially when Australia has the highest rate in the world. Not only that, but two out of three friends will be diagnosed at some point in their lives. It's deeply saddening and  incredibly alarming that we live in a culture obsessed with being tanned. I want you to love your skin and to take good care of it. Get yourself a beautiful wide-brimmed hat (I suggest the Midnight Muse from Lack of Color), a good quality suncream (I'm obsessed with the Neutrogena Sheer Body Mist), some snazzy sunglasses and a beach umbrella (bonus points if it's blue & white striped). Implementing these items into your routine could not only save your life but you'll also have the benefit of youthful skin for the rest of your days. I mean, do you really want to look like this when you're 60? Nope, me neither. So check out the video and get pretty shady with me. You know you want to.

What I'm wearing: