Gorman Spectrum top, Gorman Mid Rise Cords, Tony Bianco Dignity boots, Casio gold watch, Daisy by Marc Jacobs EDP, Benah Holographic zip wallet, Van Rycke Positive Disk necklace, Self Service Magazine Issue 36
I seem to have a never-ending obsession with anything iridescent (refer to this post), so it was only natural that when I stumbled across Benah's new holographic wallet, I squealed with delight (on a packed bus I might add). The designer, Brenda, always seems to get it so right. Each season I fall in love with a new style or a new material - this time around I'm head over heels. Another, much newer, obsession of mine is the triangle print peplum top by Gorman. Please tell me people, how did I not see this top when it first came out? Because I was a little slow on the uptake, I've sadly missed out on getting in my size. If you're a Australian 10 or 12, please just buy it for my sake. That way at least one of us can look killer. 


Taken by Nicole Cooper.
Free-flowing Rekorderlig cider and walls covered in images of beautifully dressed women - the stuff that only dreams are made of, right? Well last week that theory was completely shattered when I attended an exhibition launch for Stockholm Street Style at Somedays Gallery (with Caroline Blomst herself)! If you're in Sydney over the next few weeks then make sure you drop by to marvel at the clothing featured in each photograph and fight the overwhelming urge to steal a canvas right off the wall (not even joking). 


Taken by Nicole Cooper.
A quick post featuring Alex at uni, looking cute as a button (as always). I absolutely adore the nautical accents in this look - the vertical stipe, the navy shorts and the incredibly cute boat shoes. I've actually been looking for a pair of women's boat shoes for myself but I just can't seem to decide on whether I'm wanting a classic look (like Alex's) or a slightly crazier pair with multiple colours? I know what you're thinking, and yes, these are indeed the incredibly tough decisions that I face daily. Poor me.


Taken by Nicole Cooper.
I knew what I was getting myself into even before I walked into the studio of Bam Brands. With labels like Spirit Hoods, Chip Chop!, The Horse and Wet & Wendy - there is just no way that I could've prevented myself from falling head over heels in love. I kid you not when I say that it was like stepping into the pages of Frankie Magazine. Chunky knits featuring love hearts, patent leather brogues, miniature raincoat capes and furry hoods were only just some of the highlights. If you haven't heard of these labels before, then make sure you educate yourselves because you are seriously missing out! 


Taken by Nicole Cooper.

What are the aesthetics of your current collection (AW 2012)?
Becky: For ‘Jardin Exotica’ we were inspired by the French artist Henri Rosseau, who himself was inspired by the exotic gardens and the jungle in South America. It’s a little bit wild but still quite driven by nature.
Bridget: It was interesting because he’d never been to the jungle; he’d only ever seen it in books. So it was his interpretation of what these places would be like.
Becky: Sort of dream-like and very entertaining.
Bridget: Yeah, that’s the angle we presented our collection as well. Heaps of textures and the vibrant colours - it’s like our own interpretation.

And for the second drop of AW 2012?
Becky: It’s bit of a continuation of the first but it’s a bit more like the wild side of the jungle. There’s slightly more ‘red carpet’ looking fabric and then there’s the sequin, with quite a bold animal print through it as well.

What goes into the typical preparation for a Bec & Bridge collection?
Becky: We can sometimes pick fabrics 6 months before we even start, but generally it’s the 3 months prior to when we shoot the collection that we’re really working with pattern makers, concepts, everything. Everything sort of gets done all together, we don’t have a perfect timeline unfortunately. There’s no magic formula we work towards. It just tends to be what fabrics come up and what shapes work together.
Bridget: We’ll constantly be looking at new fabrics and if we find something that we really love and want to fit it into the range, then we will make allowances for that to happen. We’re always trying to make sure the collection is the best that it can be. Time almost doesn’t matter.

What was it like Australian Fashion Week last year? Do you still get nervous before shows?
Becky & Bridget: Definitely!
Bridget: I think we always get nervous because you never know how people are going to respond. Especially knowing that there’s all of the media as well as critics out there.
Becky: There’s also so much natural adrenaline backstage because you’re so rushed and a think you’re always going to get a little bit anxious. We try to keep as calm as we can but there’s just so much going on and so many people. I think that can add to our anxiety levels.
Bridget: It’s always exciting and a great feeling afterwards as well! Seeing the whole collection come together, the models all lined up ready to go out – it’s quite a moment.

Can you give us a little hint of what’s to come for Fashion Week?
Bridget: We don’t have much to give away yet! It’s very much a work in progress. Refining and trying to pull together our favourite prints and shapes.
Becky: It’ll definitely be how Bec & Bridge epitomises summer so colour, prints and textures. There’s always a 1970’s feel to it, even if we don’t intend it to be! I think our girl is sort of raw, healthy, effortless, Bianca Jagger inspired. Hopefully we don’t disappoint [laughs]!

What advice would you give to those just starting out in the business?
Becky: I think one of the things we find important is to not take yourself too seriously. I think if you start taking fashion in general too seriously then you can really go down the wrong path. It was easy when we were a bit younger because when we made mistakes in the beginning, we just laughed about it. Otherwise you can get too overwhelmed with everything, especially in fashion.
Bridget: I definitely think getting as much experience as you can beforehand, which was something we didn’t have the benefit of. We started when we were still studying so we really missed out on gauging from other designers that have gone before us. Really valuable.

And finally, where do you guys ultimately want to see yourselves and the label in the next few years?
Becky: I think we’d really love to see what happens in the US. It’s a really exciting time for us and we just hope to continue to have growth with what we do.
Bridget: Yeah, I think definitely seeing how the label goes overseas. It’s very exciting to be on that international level but also very overwhelming sometimes. We can’t believe there are people outside of Australia that are wearing Bec & Bridge! I guess just definitely seeing how that pans out where that will take us. 

I desperately want to say a huge thank you to both Becky and Bridget for taking time out of their busy lives to sit down and chat with me, and also to Ali for setting the whole thing up! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some very important work to do (read: important work may or may not include sitting in my room and drooling over the latest Bec & Bridge look book).


Taken by Nicole Cooper.
A reminder of where you'd rather be. Three times. Because I'm just so nice like that. I took this quick shot of Newport Beach on one of the very few decent days this past summer. The water was extra salty and calm that day, we were able to simply wade out past the (very few) breaking waves and just float on our backs while staring up at the sun. If this were twitter, the hashtag #bliss would definitely be an appropriate description. 


Taken by Nicole Cooper Model Jess Gold.
At some point in their lives, almost everyone wishes that they could be a model - don't deny it, I know you used to rummage through your parent's wardrobes and smear red lipstick all over your face in the hopes of looking older. Well at least I did? Now is actually your chance to turn that dream into a reality though. I was told yesterday that Bendon and Chic Management (yes, THE Chic Management) are coming together to find the new faces of labels like Elle Macpherson, Lovable, Davenport and more. There will be an open casting this Saturday the 24th of March from 10am to 3pm at Bendon's HQ in Sydney so make your way down to Alexandria Creative Park to strut your stuff (yeah, I can't believe I just said that either). Don't fret if you're not able to make it on the day as the competition is open nationwide, meaning that you can also apply online. Yay for internetz saving the day! All the details can be found on the Bendon National Model Search page, including locations, application forms and of course, the terms and conditions. I may even drop by to check it all out so make sure you join me (so I don't look like a loner).


Recently I was fortunate enough to interview the amazing duo behind one of Australia's most loved labels, Bec & Bridge. Starting out in one of their parent's homes back in 2003, the designers Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston have continued to grow in their success - almost outdoing themselves with each new collection. The ever so gorgeous Becky & Bridget let me into their studio to film snippets of their daily lives and kindly sat down with me afterwards to have a little chat. For your eyes only, here is part one of the interview! 

Taken by Nicole Cooper.

Can you tell me a little bit about how you both met and why you decided to found the label Bec and Bridge?
Bridget: We met when we were studying fashion design at UTS and we became really close friends, we would do everything together – we were just inseparable basically. It wasn’t until we revamped an old pair of jeans that we started making clothes for friends.
Becky: Yeah we were just lucky, our friends would sort of walk into stores wearing the clothes we made for them and we’d have stores calling up saying “how do I go about ordering?” First of all there was a store on the Gold Coast and they said “can we order 200 pairs of jeans?” and we were just like “Oh my goodness!” So we just had to find a way to be able produce it.
Bridget: It definitely wasn’t something we’d planned, we never really set out to start a label. 

Bec & Bridge started off in 2003, has a lot changed in the Fashion Industry since then?
Becky: Yeah, in the past 10 years the Fashion Industry in Australia has just grown so much. It’s really nice now to have such a strong network of designers. 10 years ago there wasn’t much going on so it’s amazing to have a lot of creative designers in Australia.
Bridget: It keeps the standards higher as well. It forces everyone to be on their toes and coming out with new things each season. It’s good to have a bit of a buzz in the industry. 

Describe the type of girl that would be wearing Bec & Bridge.
Bridget: She’s style savvy, loves fashion (quite fashion forward) and she’s happy to risks. She’s also price conscious and knows how to spend her money well. I guess that’s what we cater for? A girl that doesn’t necessarily have the worlds biggest budget to spend on her wardrobe but still wants to look good and stay in fashion.   

What would be the highlights of your fashion careers thus far?
Becky: I think there’s been a few highlights, it kind of changes. In the beginning we were just so happy to start paying ourselves a salary.
Bridget: And hiring our staff members!
Becky: Our first DJ’s (David Jones) order was really exciting.
Bridget: And our first show at Fashion Week.
Becky: All of our firsts were pretty exciting and now we’re having a lot of success in the US, which is probably what we’re most excited about right now.

I heard that the label has over 40 stockists in the US alone?
Bridget: And we’ve only really been there for a year! That’s really exciting for us. We’ve also had quite a bit of interest from the department stores over there so now we’re currently just negotiating and figuring out which one we’re going to go with.

Make sure you stay tuned for the second part of my interview with Bec & Bridge where they reveal the inspiration behind their latest Autumn Winter 2012 collection as well as their future plans (Fashion Week included). Oh and there'll be some pretty pictures too! Gotta love some eye candy. 


one Premiere flyer two J Brand neon jeans three Tatoosh footwear four Paige Denim five Dylan George Jeans six Sole Society metal capped heels. Taken by Nicole Cooper.
As promised, here is Part Two of my post on Premiere. You can probably already tell, but the denim and the footwear were real standouts for me - I actually felt like a kid in a candy store. Paige Denim and J Brand were the two labels that caught my eye, with more prints and colours than you can even imagine. As for the footwear, the Tatoosh sparkly boots and the metal capped heels from Sole Society had me giddy with excitement. Just the though of floral printed jeans from J Brand, a chunky knit from Ba&sh paired with those metal capped heels from Sole Society, had me pining for Winter to roll around already. So anyone else ridiculously excited for the colder weather to set in?


Taken by Nicole Cooper.
Every once in a while you come across people and outfits that are just such joys to photograph and this post is about sharing one of those moments. Emily's headpiece is such a stunning and rare find, I just knew that I needed to photograph her as soon as I laid eyes up on it. I actually love just about every detail in this outfit - the muted lavender tones, the sheer fabrics, the delicate pompoms and of course that covetable headpiece. I hope to be sharing more of these moments with you guys and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


one Blogpost at Premiere Style two Rabens Saloner ombre chunky knits three Habbot brouges four Marg with her new found love at Ba&sh five Sole Society mint sandals six Racks of Ba&sh seven Black Panthers from Gat Rimon eight Sparkles at Gat Rimon. All photos taken by Nicole Cooper.
Yesterday afternoon I headed along to the best thing to recently hit Sydney, a new trade show called Premiere Style. I met up with a few fellow bloggers whilst there and we decided to make our way through the racks together. With more clothing, shoes and accessories than you could poke a stick at, I felt like I was in fashion heaven. Highlights for me included the H & B Fashion Distribution section (think Ba&sh, Gat Rimon and Rabens Saloner), the vast amounts of denim (more on that later), the drool-worthy leather shoes (particularly Sole Society at Krites and Habbot) and of course the delicious coffee. Trust me when I say it took a lot of willpower to not fill my arms with my favourite things and run off into the sunset with it all. Tomorrow is actually the show's last day so if you're in the industry, definitely be sure to check it out! Oh and I ended up taking so many photos that I've had to split them up into two posts so stay tuned for more. Yeah, I know, I'm fairly sneaky like that.