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Photographer Nicole Cooper Model Mateja Buila @ The Wolves Ear Cuff Ryan Storer Dress Natalia Grzybowksi
If you still haven't heard of the genius that is Ryan Storer, then you are either a) living under a rock, or b) I have no b), you should have really heard of the man by now. If you're still scratching your head, I'm about to give a crash course into the world of farshun and its latest obsession with his stunning ear cuffs. After working as a co-designer at Peter Lang, Ryan waited until he'd perfected a clear, concise line of jewellery and oh dear goodness, it shows. Having already been featured on Vogue, Tuula and You Are Not Ilona, the pieces have earned a well-deserved place in the hearts of many. Even though I was skeptical at first (I haven't worn earrings in roughly 5 years, I'm actually lucky they're still pierced) I simply fell in love when Lia-Belle of Our Kingdom asked if I'd like to wear a never-before-seen piece (the one pictured above) to Candice's wedding. If you don't believe me, then please refer to the below Polaroid of yours truly after the ceremony in a Karla Spetic dress and said ear cuff:
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All images by Nicole Cooper for General Pants Co.
With the weather forecast to reach 43 degrees, it certainly wasn't the ideal setting for Sydney's Big Day Out. Despite the mass crowds and the fact that it actually reached fifty (yes, fifty degrees celcius) - this year's BDO has earned the title of the best festival I have ever been to. For any of you that are now doubting how many festivals I have attended, I can tell you now that I've had my fair share. My day started off in a private car feeling more than fancy, sipping bubbly with my pals Jaharn, Danielle and Kristal. Most of what happened next was all a happy blur but the highlights (get ready, it's going to be a long list) included: seeing Childish Gambino in the media centre, meeting the dudes from Jeff The Brotherhood (pictured above) and constantly giving each other the thumbs up every time we crossed paths after, snapping all the well dressed kiddies, shooting Childish Gambino in what was quite possibly the hottest and sweatiest photo pit I have ever encountered, meeting the even radder dudes of Toucan (pictured below), getting backstage with said dudes and eating our dinner within mere metres of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Jaharn lost her shiz at this point), the corn soup, eating dessert within mere metres of Childish Gambino (I lost my shiz at this point), getting into the VIP section above the stadium with Shea and Jenno from Toucan and watching The Killers and RHCP while the sun set on the almost unfathomable number of people below, and finally, attempting to kick-dance at Foals. All in all, I had what I consider to be an unbeatable experience that can only be described as a Rad Day Out. Thanks again to General Pants Co. for sending me along and to everyone I encountered for making my day so enjoyable. 
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Behind the scenes of my shoot with Freeman.
Photography & Creative Direction Nicole Cooper
Model Freeman @ DNA Models
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